Watch out for site romances turning sour this Valentine's Day says FPB

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Rejoice if you didn't arrive on site today to a barrage of Valentine's day cards according to the Forum of Private Business (FPB).

Workplace romances can have a potentially toxic effect on a business's morale and reputation, the FSB warned. Cupid's arrow can strike down levels of professionalism and lead to the mistrust of colleagues in relation to a conflict of interest said FPB business advisor Jo Eccles. The FSB called on manufacturers to establish clear guidelines to stop lineside love turning sour. "While love may just be waiting by the water cooler, getting some advice on an office romance policy can help make things clear from the start and help to avoid any trouble in the workplace later!" Policies should include a definition of a 'close personal relationship' and requirements to disclose a personal relationship with someone in the business where a conflict of interest could arise. Manufacturers should look at changes in operating procedures such as a change of line manager where a conflict of interest was apparent, FPB advised.