Webinar: Digital Journey Planner, with Epicor

1 min read

Join us for our webinar in association with Epicor and Made Smarter , Digital Journey Planner Thursday June 20th 2024, 11:00am BST

Digitalisation is one of the biggest challenges, but also one of the greatest opportunities for UK Manufacturers. By starting your digital journey, you can become more resilient and more productive which is why we have created this event so we can discuss how you can improve your processes on site by starting your digital journey.

Join Manufacturing Management along with Mark Feathers, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Epicor and Kevin Smith Lead Industrial Digital Technology, Made Smarter as they cover your digital journey.

Topics that will be covered:

- What a digital journey could look like?
- What things should a Manufacturer consider when trying to adopt digital solutions?
- What success stories can we share where digital solutions have improved a manufacturers overall business?
- What are the most common barriers that Manufacturers are having to overcome when starting their digital journey?
- How can we plan their digital journey?

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