Wonderware users perform better than the rest, says independent report

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Manufacturers using Wonderware SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and MES (manufacturing execution system) software perform better than users of other systems, according to a study by analyst Aberdeen Group.

“Wonderware customers continue to be among the strategy and performance benchmark leaders across many of our manufacturing marketplace research projects,” says Maura Buxton, research analyst and manufacturing director of data analytics at Aberdeen. The report comes just as Wonderware launches its Equipment Performance Module and an enhanced Manufacturing Execution Module. The former is geared to helping manufacturers get more consistent unit and line operations, with improved reliability and repeatability of equipment setup, as well as capturing as-built records for rapid response to events such as recalls. The latter is the next generation of the product formerly known as InTrack, used for work-in-progress tracking applications to monitor, manage and improve manufacturing production efficiency – now with a better graphical user interface and new web-reporting capabilities. As with the rest, both run on the Wonderware System Platform, and uses the InvenSys ArchestrA industrial automation and information application architecture. Aberdeen’s Benchmark Report on Manufacturing Intelligence surveyed more than 500 users across a wide range of industries. It focused on how companies are using real-time manufacturing information from across their systems to provide decision support. Wonderware were found to excel in customer service, production yield and throughput improvements. In fact the Aberdeen report finds customer service improvements for Wonderware users up 14% compared to best in class 3%; yield up 12% versus 4% for the rest; and throughput up 8% compared with 2%. The Benchmark Report on Manufacturing Intelligence is available for download from Wonderware at http://us.wonderware.com/products/ppm