How to find the right spill kit for your industry

We've all done it. It's in our nature for our limbs to, on occasion, have a mind of their own and lose ability to function. Spills, leaks, drops and falls can sometimes be inevitable and in the commercial world, it's important to be able to act fast.

Spills can have greater consequences, depending on the industry and the spill itself. From simple spills to more harmful and destructive spills, the health and safety of both your personal and premises should always be your first priority.

Safety First Spill kits come in a variety of sizes and with a number of features that are industry-specific. They are much more sophisticated than your average mop and bucket and will always have clear and concise instructions on how to use them effectively. Sourcing spill kits from reliable and established safety professionals is the most effective way to deal with a range of spills. From general maintenance to quick, evasive action, a specialist safety product supplier will be able to advise and guide you on specialist spill kits, as well as layout, training and storage. Having up-to-date spill kits situated in your working environment are imperative to a safe, efficient and productive business. So what things should you consider? The Spill This should be the first of your considerations. Different spills require different courses of action. Consider the nature of the spill; Is it a liquid spill? An oil-based spill? A chemical spill? Different spill kits have different cleaning and absorption techniques and are designed to control the spill from preventing physical, structural and environmental damage. The Size & Scale This process looks at the environment and industry you work. Spills can come in a variety of sizes from smaller general maintenance spills to dangerous, chemical spills that fi not contained, can quickly evolve. Look at the size of your site, evaluate where potential spills could occur and identify where spill kits will be located. The Consequences The idea of a spill kit is to control, contain and remove any threats in the work place. It's important to understand the consequences of certain spills as well as ensuring that they will be properly attended to. Checking that the affected area has not been damaged and there is no threat to employees should always follow. The Implementations Once there has been a spill in the work place, it's important to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure that a future spill can be prevented. It may have simply been an accident, or, upon further inspection a more may have been the cause. Either way, do not just brush it off. Remember it's your duty to ensure that your workplace is say for all to use. By remembering these simple steps, you can ensure that spills do not become a regular and inconvenient part of your business and that appropriate plans are in place to deal with such an event. Spills and accidents happen and can sometimes not be helped – but they can be avoided. By identifying the risks and preparing for the worst, a spill can be controlled, contained and resolved. Phil Warrington writes for Bull Products; leading fire and safety protection suppliers across the UK, identifying the risks of spills in the work place and how spill kits can enhance the safety of your business