This year sees a double celebration for steam specialist TLV as the company celebrates the 60th anniversary of its founding and 25th anniversary of the launch of the COSPECT, which many customers believe is the "ultimate pressure reducing valve".

Founded in 1950 in Japan, TLV is now a recognised global leader in steam engineering and still a family owned business. From its UK headquarters in Cheltenham, the company offers a wide range of steam engineering products supported by services such as consulting, site inspections and seminar training. TLV (the name derives from 'Trouble Less Valve') has always strived to manufacture innovative, high quality, long-lasting steam engineering products and systems and one of its early successes – the A3 steam trap – was awarded no less than seven patents. This steam heating, condensate cooling, double jacketed thermodynamic steam trap is unaffected by ambient conditions, which offered incredible durability compared to previous products. TLV also revolutionised fluid control technology with the launch of its patented 'Free Float' steam traps which, with only one moving part, ensures long life and reliability. The company now designs and manufactures a wide range of products and systems including its Vacuumizer pressure steam heating and cooling system; the award-winning CV-COS electro-pneumatic pressure reducing valve; and renowned COSPECT pressure reducing valve with built-in separator and trap, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. With COSPECT, TLV applied its fluid control technology to solve the many critical problems associated with standard pressure reducing valves, including fluctuations in primary and secondary pressures and valve hunting and vibration. The COSPECT combines three unique features – a shock absorbing spherical piston, cyclonical effects separator and a steam trap – that not only save space but also simplify system layout, piping and maintenance. The COSPECT also ensures that dry saturated steam is provided at constant pressure and temperature, which helps to improve product quality. Sixty years on TLV is now firmly established internationally, operating in over 10 countries and with a network of over a 100 distributors in more than 50 countries, and providing engineering support throughout the world. Through its innovative products and services the company also plays a vital role in promoting energy efficiency and environmental conservation worldwide.