Taking the first steps on your digital transformation journey

1 min read

Most businesses have the common misconception that they have to transform their whole organisation when they start their digital journey. However, the reality is that they can choose how much they want to digitise and start with bite-sized projects that allow them to work out what suits them best. Digital workflows are the perfect place to start.

Intoware have helped many companies start their digital transformation by digitising existing human and paper-based processes. This means more than just creating electronic versions of paperwork. True digitalisation streamlines operations to increase efficiency and drive productivity. It records the existing knowledge of the workforce and passes it on to the next generation, while highlighting where improvements can be made. Plus, it automatically generates a digital audit trail to provide a rich source of data previously unavailable.

Digital Workflows capture information on who carried out a task, exactly how long it took and records any issues faced along the way for a 100% accurate view of operations.

Delegates will learn:
1 What are digital workflows
2 The difference between Digitalisation vs Digitisation
3 The insight gained into human processes
4 How to ensure compliance across all operations
5 Unleash data-informed decision making

Watch the panel event here.