Time for Industry 4.0: the next stage in the data revolution

Manufacturing Management’s latest Live Panel discussion, sponsored by AI and machine learning specialists Inawisdom, brings together leading experts to explore the next steps in manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 journey.

With tech entering our lives at a phenomenal pace, what are the next steps in the Industry 4.0 revolution? With most manufacturers now at some point in their journey to smart manufacturing, where can they go next to further maximise their operations and use data they already hold to accelerate transformation?

Joining MM editor Chris Beck are:

  • Robin Meehan, founder & MD, Inawisdom
  • Kevin Smith, Industrial Digital Technology Adviser, Made Smarter
  • Mandy Ridyard, finance director of Yorkshire-based high-precision engineering company, Produmax

Watch now to learn:

  • ‘Easy wins’ on the road to full digitalisation
  • How to get your staff on board with the change
  • Why business pressures make a move to digitalisation increasingly critical
  • How leveraging AI for data insights can help businesses make better, data-driven decisions