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Cummins propels itself into the 'e' world

Diesel engine manufacturer, Cummins Diesel has managed to slash its new engine inventory by £4 million over the last four years – and is now introducing e-business. Dean Palmer finds out how.

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getting responsive on dynamic alerts

Dynamic alerts provided by web and wireless technologies allied with electronic workflow can transform manufacturers’ ability to be responsive to their customers and their demand chain. Frank Booty reports.

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A better way to IT? Applications on tap

Application service providers, so much on the IT manager’s horizon these days, can provide a powerful way to get good, flexible, useful IT in fast and without some of the pain. Linda Davies reports on Swedish ...

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2D or 3D?

'Collaborative engineering' is the CAD marketeers' mantra of the moment – at a time when many, especially smaller, manufacturers still haven't moved form 2D to 3D yet. But John Dwyer finds that new look 'design chains' ...

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ERP is dead: long live ERP

ERP is dead: long live ERP! In the huge diverse middle manufacturing sector, modern ERP is absolutely providing the foundation for a whole spread of important add-ons that are increasingly essential. John Dwyer explains.


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