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Heard the news on Voice over IP?

Does voice over the Internet sound attractive? More so than it did: Chris Mellor checks out the technology and finds that it could soon help manufacturers gain some surprising business advantages

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Hard-nosed advice hard-won experience

Implementing enterprise systems is no mean feat, as almost anyone who has been there and felt the pain will tell you. Brian Tinham talks to seven users from across the industrial spectrum and asks them to tell it like ...

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Flushed with success?

Predictive maintenance and integrated CMMS is helping American Standard, formerly Armitage shanks, to improve production and customer service, writes Dom Pancucci

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Welsh seat of power turns on responsive system

Mastering ‘mass customisation’ isn’t trivial, but it is worth it. Giroflex, a leading British office seating manufacturer, made this one of its key criteria when implementing a new enterprise system. And the success is ...

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Pulling potatoes for the supply chain?

The Internet levels the competitive playing field, argue some IT vendors: small suppliers once out of the EDI running can join the fray. But there¡¦s much more to competing through faster supply chains than just wiring ...


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