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Mobile communications staying connected

The advantages of the spread of newer digital wireless technologies are making themselves felt in everything from mobile sales and operations staff, to production, writes Geoff Lock

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‘Smarts’ to explode on Windows CE?

Low cost, intelligent controls, ‘smart’ factory devices and a raft of maintenance and commissioning tools could ‘explode’ onto the market very soon on the back of Microsoft Windows CE and NT Embedded. Brian Tinham looks ...

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Selling Scania Trucks set for automatic

Sales force automation of sorts is being implemented by several manufacturers. But, what’s becoming clear is, first, you need to integrate with other systems, and second, there’s a gap between hype and reality. Frank ...

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End-to-end delivery across the Web

There’s more to getting into e-business than designing a sophisticated Web site. Frank Booty finds that for manufacturers its all about ‘e-fulfilment’ and ‘e-synchronisation’ – and that means investing in integration ...

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Making more money on advanced control

Advanced automatic production control techniques, borne out of the refining and petrochemical industries, are becoming ever more open to all of manufacturing. Andrew Ward talks to developers, implementers and users – ...

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Claus Heinrich, executive board member of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and latterly e-business software giant SAP, speaks to Brian Tinham about the world’s largest business software provider’s aspirations for ...

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Heard the news on Voice over IP?

Does voice over the Internet sound attractive? More so than it did: Chris Mellor checks out the technology and finds that it could soon help manufacturers gain some surprising business advantages


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