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Exploiting Big Data in Manufacturing

Advances in technology such as augmented reality, cloud computing, robotics and automation, 3D printing and decentralised control systems increase efficiency, optimise the use of resources and accelerate responsiveness ...

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A clear line of sight

Plastics manufacturer PFF Packaging Group turned to Exel Computer Systems' EFACS E/8 ERP system to provide real-time visibility of its operations

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The need for speed

Why the success of Industrial IoT will rely almost entirely on connectivity By Jonathan Rowan, Business Development Director at SSE Enterprise Telecoms

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On a journey

A new whitepaper from the industrial IoT powerhouse relayr, explains the steps towards creating a watertight business transformation plan


How to organise a pick-up in a brewery

While brewing in Britain pre-dates the Roman invasion in 54AD, its evolution has helped to propel the food and beverage industry to become the country’s largest manufacturing sector. As techniques have been honed over ...


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