The multi-disciplinary adi Group, which operates nationally servicing huge brands like Coca-Cola and Jaguar Land Rover, was awarded a Platinum Accreditation in the 2020 EcoVadis rankings.

Scoring an impressive 81 out of 100, the award puts adi in the top one per cent of businesses in the world for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and tops their pre-existing Gold status achieved in 2015 and maintained every year since.

“This award is testament to the continuous improvement culture we uphold so well group-wide,” said adi Group CEO Alan Lusty (pictured). “It also indicative of the relationships we build and maintain and the transparency and trust we foster between adi Group, our clients, our teams and the communities we serve. They know we’re focused on doing the right things and doing them to the very best of our ability.

“With the world wrestling with the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability is likely to take on a new significance in the years ahead. The EcoVadis initiative is forward-looking in that regard because it looks beyond the environment and pollution to evaluate how well we engage with local communities and our approach to skills development.

“We share a similar view at adi Group. The environment is massively important but, as businesses, we need to do everything we can to sustain the communities and people that sustain us.”

adi Group scored highly across a wide range of assessment criteria in the EcoVadis rankings, in which over 60,000 businesses in more than 110 countries participate annually.

In particular, the engineering firm was deemed ‘Outstanding’ in its approach to ‘labour and human’ rights, delivering a structured and proactive approach to health and safety, working conditions and career management.

Additional segment areas included environmental and ethical themes, such as energy consumption, waste management and responsible information practices, for which adi was judged to have an ‘advanced’ CSR approach.

Overall, adi’s score puts it in the company some of the biggest multinationals, including Nestlé, GSK and Johnson & Johnson, many of which adi count among its clients.

The ranking also builds on its recent success in the annual ‘Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For’ list for 2020, where the business was deemed to have ‘very good’ levels of employee engagement across a collaborative, productive and motivated workforce.

“We have sustained momentum in building an organisation that people can aspire to work for. It’s a difficult time for everyone but we believe we can all begin to claw back some positives, as a global society and economy, if businesses work smarter together for the common good,” added Alan.