A post-event survey found that more than 90% of pupils said they were now more aware of how science is used in everyday life as a result of their visit and more than two thirds (69%) would now consider a career in STEM.

The survey also indicated a boost of female followers for the world of STEM. Prior to the visit, none of the female students regarded science as their favourite lesson but afterwards 83% said it was their favourite subject and 100% were now more interested in science.

In the company’s research and development laboratory, pupils took part in an experiment exploring capillary action with use of Airedale Chemical’s range of dyes and a demonstration on how energy can create heat to tie-in with the school’s current science curriculum.

Julia Forster, teacher at Sutton-In-Craven Community Primary School, said: “The children’s enthusiasm following the visit has been phenomenal! Thanks to the partnership, the children have broadened their STEM horizons and have discovered how engaging, creative and stimulating the sciences can be.”

Daniel Marr, Airedale Chemical commercial director, added: “The flood of positive survey responses was fantastic and it’s so important for us to educate and spark the future generation’s interest in STEM. It’s also incredible to have boosted female pupils’ enjoyment in the subject. With 97% of children feeling the visit helped them better understand science, we’re looking forward to continuing this relationship.”

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