The partnership will see Airedale Chemical manufacture a new disinfectant product for Chemiteq and distribute it directly to its customers.

Oxyl-Pro is the new hydrogen peroxide-based hand and surface biocide from Chemiteq that has disinfecting applications across all public and manufacturing spaces including educational settings, retail, offices, sports and leisure clubs, agriculture and food and beverage. It is effective against all envelope viruses including coronavirus.

As it is a non-alcohol based formula it is odourless, non-flammable and has no allergens. It is fully biodegradable and breaks down to water and oxygen, so is not harmful to the environment, waterways or organisms and can be safely used in fogging machines.

The significant investment in facilities has been used to install new de-ionising tanks that have doubled Airedale Chemical’s capacity and will open up additional opportunities in the production of biocides, with the potential to produce up to 800 tonnes a week.

Matt Peatfield, sales manager at Airedale Chemical, explains: “This is an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise in delivering high quality products and how our facilities and capacity make us a leader in the chemical manufacture field.

“We believe that Oxyl-Pro offers tangible benefits for customers and hope this will be the beginning of a longer-term relationship that sees us manufacture many more market-leading products on behalf of Chemiteq.”

Airedale Chemical’s fleet of privately-owned vehicles will be used to transport Oxyl-Pro directly to Chemiteq’s customers across the UK.

Angela Riding, director of Chemiteq, adds: “We have had a good relationship with the team at Airedale Chemical for around a decade and are confident their knowledge of the sector will help optimise Oxyl-Pro’s market reach. We have already had positive feedback from its use at several international airports and expect demand to grow throughout the rest of the year.

“Oxyl-Pro was already BPR-registered last year but with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic we saw a need to fast track the product to market. Airedale Chemical’s versatility helped us manufacture 1000 tonnes within the month of production.”

Airedale Chemical is a third-generation family business which has been based in Cross Hills since 1994, providing chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including manufacturing, dairy, recycling and waste management.