The project is focused on developing two AMTE Power lithium-ion batteries to deliver a unique technical solution ready for high volume manufacture within the UK and provides an additional source of UK product.

Onshore, sustainable development of cell technology, materials, and battery management systems will improve future preparedness for the UK in meeting demand for electric vehicles. AMTE Power will be targeting the next generation of sustainable battery and performance improvement to deliver solutions in the form of its power dense Ultra High Power (UHP) cell and energy dense Ultra Energy (UE) cell. The advancement of the UHP and UE cells are unique developments to deliver cell technology that surpasses what the UK market offers.

As the lead partner, AMTE Power will run quarterly steering committee meetings to share updates, guidance, and industry expertise on the ULTRA project with funding bodies and interested parties. BMW Motorsport Ltd and Arrival are the two key steering group partners on the advisory board, working on the UHP power cell and UE energy cell respectively due to differing cell development timelines, vehicle applications, and requirements. The committee will be meeting on a quarterly basis to share updates to guide aspects of cell development and testing, and ensure the cells meet all industry requirements.

Funding for the project will come, in part, from the APC and be divided between AMTE Power and three differentiated automotive supply chain companies. The other participating firms are Magtec, designer of electric drive systems – which has the aim of proving the UE cell performance in two of their commercial electric vehicles - Petalite, a leader in electric vehicle charging that will provide essential fast charging equipment; and Avocet, the precision metal supplier that will provide a UK copper foil supply chain. All parties have a complimentary interest in the different cells due to the high energy density and performance they offer and in sustainable, onshore cell development.

Jon Beasley, Business Development and Programmes Director at APC, said: “The automotive industry is standing at a pivotal point as we transition to low-emissions technology to meet global net-zero targets. The investment in this innovative technology will create and commercialise, high-performing faster charging, more efficient batteries, creating UK-manufactured next-generation Li-ion cells which will tackle challenges like range anxiety, cost and encourage more drivers and fleet owners to switch to EVs.

“This is an exciting project that is forecast to create or safeguard UK jobs and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the UK Government’s zero-emission ambitions and post-pandemic green recovery. We are delighted to be supporting AMTE Power, Magtec, Petalite and Avocet to bring this technology to market.”

Kevin Brundish, Chief Executive Officer of AMTE Power, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to lead this project. The APC funds projects that will accelerate the development of products into this high-volume market. Working closely with leading automotive manufacturers and supply chain companies is an ideal position to be in as we work towards volume production of our products.”