They say they’ll combine BAE Systems’ real time asset management capabilities with Viewlocity’s business-process-aware Integration Broker and SCEM software, and thus cover management of factory assets and systems but in extended supply chains, leading to real-time visibility and optimisation. “We offer a solution which bridges the gap between Asset Management and Supply Chain Event Management,” said Simon Hunt, business manager at BAE Systems Avionics Data Solutions Group. “Together, BAE Systems and Viewlocity will be able to improve many aspects of the in-bound and out-bound supply chain for our customers.” said Mike Shinya, Viewlocity president. “If at any moment you know where all your vehicles are, their loads, schedule and context, you can dynamically adjust activities across a network, leading to improvements in asset utilisation, reduced inventory and improved customer service. “Having this complete view then allows management by exception, focusing individuals on fixing issues before they become problems. The problem we have now solved, is to effectively combine real-time and business systems information together to provide a new and complete view of supply chain activities.” The pair say they will initially offer their systems in, for example, consignment tracking, supply chain management and logistics and distribution.