1230: Bentley Motors keeps local community safe

Bentley Motors has extended its ‘Be Safe’ health and safety programme to look after the local community in Cheshire, as well as Bentley colleagues during the coronavirus crisis. The company is focusing on using its specialist skills to 3D print over 30,000 face-shields and supply them to the Cheshire care sector, including all care homes, the NHS and other local community services. Simultaneously, Bentley is donating personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, facemasks, safety glasses and seat covers. The company is also extending its Bentley ‘Meals on 22 inch Wheels’ service, where colleagues volunteer to deliver essential items in the community.

The 3D face-shields are being created by Bentley’s specialist engineering teams, using their engineering expertise and 3D printing facilities. The 30,000 face-shields, fully manufactured at Bentley’s factory in Crewe, will supply the Cheshire care sector, which includes all 95-care homes in the area, the NHS and other local community services.

Bentley has also provided a range of urgently needed PPE items to local health services. This includes a donation of 20,000 pairs of disposable gloves, 10,000 facemasks to the local care sector and 1,800 disposable seat covers to NHS primary care and community services. In addition, Bentley has donated over 40 safety glasses to its local hospital, Leighton Hospital, with further PPE to be provided over the coming weeks.


1100: DHL works alongside NHS

DHL Supply Chain is working alongside the NHS to deliver vital support services in the healthcare battle against COVID-19.

The company has been drafted in to manage new supply chains which will support the build and running of the emergency Nightingale field hospitals across the country.

The supply chain operation which would normally take up to 6 months to put in place, was up and running within two weeks, enabling the transformation of ExCeL London into a hospital in record time.

To support the regional emergency hospitals, operations have been set-up in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, and Liverpool, where approximately 3,000 lines of key medical equipment and consumables will be received, stored, picked and delivered straight to the hospitals. In total the sites will handle over 20,000 pallets in the next two months. Patient Monitors and Ultrasound systems will be assembled on site with the support of manufacturer personnel allowing the equipment to be put into immediate use in current ICU departments or field hospitals.


1030: Flexi FLTs help Polyco Healthline supply the NHS

Long-term Flexi warehouse truck user, Polyco Healthline, has hired an additional four trucks from Narrow Aisle Ltd to support increased demand generated by the COVID-19 situation to supply the NHS with products from its range of PPE.

Polyco is among the largest suppliers of protective products to the NHS and the London-based company, which has a distribution centre near Peterborough, has employed a fleet of Flexi VNA warehouse trucks for over 14 years.

Flexi articulated VNA trucks designed and built by Narrow Aisle Ltd give Polyco the performance edge they need by facilitating a highly efficient, low-cost dense storage solution which enables fast and safe pallet movements within its operation.

Steve McCarthy, logistics manager at Polyco Healthline, said: “Hiring additional Flexis for our fleet will be of significant help as we scale up supply to meet the vital needs of the NHS at this critical time. As Flexi provide all of our handling needs, we do not need to source additional materials handling equipment from elsewhere.”