With the rise in global demand for clean energy solutions set to continue, Shell is at the forefront of innovation in hydrogen energy systems. In 2017, Shell became the first branded fuel retailer to sell hydrogen at one of its retail sites in the UK.It has since grown its network of hydrogen stations across Europe and North America to encourage the adoption of hydrogen in transport systems.

A ground storage unit is required to safely store hydrogen under pressure, and with territorial differences in standards, Shell needed a specialist partner to provide a precise, highly reliable and versatile technical solution. Through a collaborative partnership, CSC has designed a solution that meets the needs of both the European and US required standards, bringing the first standardised solution of its kind to market. Demand for hydrogen has grown more than threefold since 1975, with 6% of global natural gas and 2% of global coal going to hydrogen production[1]. As clean air legislation begins to incentivise the use of non-fossil fuelled mass transit, particularly with respect to buses and trains, the number of Hydrogen refuelling stations is growing worldwide. CSC has demonstrated unique capability to provide a turnkey solution, from design and installation to through-life testing and integrity management.

Jake Martin, CSC Commercial Manager said: “There is an unprecedented demand for new, clean energy solutions and hydrogen is leading the way. Storing hydrogen under high pressure requires a highly technical solution and we are specialists in this field.

“We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this Framework Agreement, which is an acknowledgement of our core strengths in innovation, design and manufacturing capabilities.Working closely with Shell, we have developed a highly effective solution for their hydrogen storage requirement that meets the stringent demands of international safety standards.”

The company, part of the Pressure Technologies Group, works closely with the global hydrogen energy sector to develop standardised and bespoke storage for hydrogen refuelling stations.Chris Walters, Pressure Technologies’ CEO said: “Supporting growth in the global hydrogen energy supply chain is a strategic focus for Chesterfield Special Cylinders and Pressure Technologies plc. We are committed to a pioneering and long-term partnership with Shell to deliver and support safe, reliable and cost-effective hydrogen refuelling stations.”

[1] https://www.iea.org/reports/the-future-of-hydrogen