About 100 of FMC Kongsberg Subsea’s partners are already on-line via the system, and it seems likely that Aventail will also play a major part in improving communications within FMC itself, which makes chemicals and machinery for industry and agriculture world-wide. Essentially, Aventail.Net solution helps FMC’s customers, distributors and suppliers to log safely onto their corporate services and applications from wherever they are in the world. And FMC Kongsberg Subsea has also extended its usage to include powering of its e-procurement system, which allows internal and external associates to access documents and files online. George Begg, FMC’s information systems manager, says: “Our manufacturing facility in Scotland, for example, has been looking at developing its direct e-procurement systems for some time. We found that since streamlining our web-based ordering service, commercially-sensitive documents can be dealt with quickly and securely. The time saved, and associated cost benefits, are then passed onto our customers.” Aventail.Net will also be used by employees for remote access, as well as for partners wanting to procure product or services on-line. FMC says its old remote access system was too slow and expensive for long-distance dial-ins. One FMC employee based in Africa needed regular access to FMC’s remote network, which was only possible with an expensive dedicated phone line. FMC says that employee now has secure fast access over the Internet. Begg says: “Due to the nature of our industry, it is usual for a technical manager to be on-board an oilrig one day, then visiting a supplier another day. Throughout this time, access to FMC’s management systems is essential, something that wasn’t possible with our previous system. “We are a global organisation, dealing with both customers and suppliers on a global level. With Aventail we need not know where a customer or supplier is located, as long as they have access to the Internet, commercially-sensitive documents can be obtained easily and, more importantly, securely.”