Faced with the current challenging conditions, it is more important than ever to keep supply chains open and running smoothly.

To help organisations who may be affected, Infor has hosted an online Supply Chain Virtual Summit, which provides advice for companies looking to accelerate their efforts to build connected, intelligent and responsive supply chains.

Sponsored by AWS and Accenture, the digital summit sees Infor and industry experts, along with leading global companies including PVH and Deckers Brands, discuss supply chain optimisation.

With six virtual keynote conference sessions plus six digital ‘booths’, where delegates can explore the latest supply chain technologies and interact the booth staff members, you will learn the latest trends in supply chain management and get the chance to interact with experts and other participants – from the comfort of your desk.

Key sessions available to watch now include:

Transforming the Warehouse: Increasing Operational Efficiency – Vishal Minocha, senior director of product management, Infor

What it Takes to Create an Intelligent, Customer-Centric Supply Chain – Adam Hutchinson, managing director, Accenture; Jake Barr, CEO, BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting; Bernard Goor, SVP sales, Infor

To help organizations take the digital transformation of their supply chains to the next level, the Infor Supply Chain Virtual Summit will address how to:

  • Build a connected, intelligent and responsive supply chain
  • Create an intelligent, customer-centric supply chain
  • Transform the warehouse and increase operation efficiency
  • Improve working capital and drive sustainable business growth
  • Improve customer service and performance with automation, visibility and assurance of supply
  • Leverage a multi-enterprise network to optimize logistics management

REGISTER NOW AT: https://pages.infor.com/VirtualSummit.html