The original line had reached the end of its serviceable life and by investing in new equipment SKF Cooper has been able to increase capacity, bringing 88% of the company’s outsourced castings in-house to the King’s Lynn facility. The process of improving the casting production line facilities on site also involved a major building refurbishment project, including the preparation of new foundry foundations, lighting and a crane system to facilitate the installation and management of the new equipment.

By bringing the majority of the castings in-house, SKF Cooper has ultimate control over the product’s quality and production volumes. This has not only meant that each casting can be created to the highest standard, but has ensured that consistency and cost-effectiveness are able to be passed on to SKF Cooper customers. The additional production line capacity will also enable SKF Cooper to produce castings for third party customers, providing the potential for this 120 year old company to grow further in the coming years.

Ian Bloxham, General Manager at SKF Cooper says: “We are very proud of the SKF Cooper foundry refurbishment. We have had a foundry for over 100 years and this investment has helped bring the King’s Lynn casting production line into the 21st Century. The end result is a modernised, clean, ergonomic and safe foundry for those working in the space and a high quality facility able to produce world-class castings.”