Manugistics says it intends to combine its web-based, real time supply chain management solutions with SpaceWorks’ web-based order-management technology, including the firm’s order transaction engine. The firm says the combined solution would augment its flagship EPO technology and help manufacturers to manage and fulfil customer orders more profitably – from order taking to delivery. “The acquisition of SpaceWorks’ technology is a natural extension of Manugistics solutions,” said Greg Owens, Manugistics’ chairman and CEO. “This deal would bring together Manugistics’ strengths in supply chain and pricing optimisation with SpaceWorks’ capabilities in real-time order execution and management.” In its short life since 1993, SpaceWorks – with clients including Avaya, BF Goodrich and GE Aircraft Engines – had seen considerable success with automating the processes of complex order fulfilment. It had started to market in Europe but it seems the apparently dipping US economy did for it. On the sell side, it’s software was about automatically handling order submission, verification of inventory availability and account status, order tracking, product catalogue searches, and returns, while helping the seller to better manage inventory, fill orders and ship products directly to the customer.