With a load capacity of 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes, the new RX60-35/50 provides agility and manoeuvrability, with the benefits of 80 Volts of electric power - opening up a new perspective for even more companies when it comes to designing their truck fleet, whether in terms of performance, cost, environmental compatibility or efficiency of use.

Capable of hitting a top speed of over 12mph, the RX60-35/50 also comes with 930 Ah (59.5 kWh) of battery capacity - rising to 118.4 kWh for the Lithium Ion version, meaning it is more than capable of running two shifts without requiring a recharge.

When it comes to charging, one person can easily remove the battery pack with an electric pallet truck in minutes, saving space, time, energy and resources. Optionally, an integrated built-in charger provides even more flexibility for quick and easy interim charging during work.

Choosing the "right" forklift truck is nowadays much more than a decision for brand and tonnage. Rather, it is a matter of organising internal logistics efficiently and with a view to adding value within the framework of the respective corporate circumstances. The choice of the right energy system plays a major role in this. This can vary depending on the application profile and individual perspective - e.g. total operating costs, sustainability, digitalisation or service.

In addition to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly important. In the context of European policy, which aims at a radical reduction of CO2 emissions from heavy commercial vehicles by 2030, they conserve resources by increasing the efficiency of the overall system. They are therefore sustainable with almost unlimited availability and can be charged quickly. With the RX 60 with a load capacity of up to 5 tonnes, another segment of the forklift truck market is now given the opportunity to consider electric forklifts in their energy management and to benefit from their numerous advantages overall.

The new truck was launched at a virtual press event - the first of its kind for the Hamburg-based manufacturer, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.