SSAB, which is in the process of updating its asset management to increase productivity, says it intends to use the IFS system modules for scheduling urgent and preventative maintenance, as well as for workshop scheduling and document management. Johan Eriksson, maintenance manager at SSAB, says: “We intend to increase our focus on quality, security of delivery and service. One of our most stringent demands is that the solution be easy to use, since 2,500 employees will utilise [it]. IFS’ role-based portals are extremely user-friendly, which was a major factor in favour of IFS.” SSAB CIO Jan-Erik Pihl adds: “Since we plan to replace our mainframe-based administrative systems step-by-step over the coming two to three years, IFS component-based architecture is an ideal fit. It is easy to integrate the IFS solution with other systems and then add components from IFS Applications at a later date.”