While outbound flows from DCs of non-essential goods grind to a halt in the face of retail and manufacturing closures, inbound flows continue to arrive at UK ports and accordingly warehouses are rapidly becoming full. Orders placed and dispatched before the lock down are arriving at ports - requiring speedy clearance and onward distribution to ensure container terminals do not become congested and block the flow of essential supplies.

UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has teamed up with respected logistics and supply chain advisor Bis Henderson Consulting to provide importers with alternative solutions to keep cargo moving through the ports and supply chains flowing.

COVID-19 Emergency Space Register

UKWA calls on importers to look first for available warehousing space, and to assist has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Space Register on the UKWA website.UKWA estimates that around 1.2 million pallet spaces are available nationwide, provided by accredited UKWA members offering fully equipped and serviced operational space that can be taken up instantly.

Off-Dock Container Storage

In preparation for a crisis where no more fully serviced space is available until warehouse capacity is released as the country exits from lockdown, UKWA is working with Bis Henderson Consulting, a long-standing Associate Member ofUKWA, to offer an off-dock solution for full container storage.

Off-dock space has been identified in the hinterland of the major ports and around the country for loaded containers, once cleared through customs, to be stored by UKWA members, providing 3PL services and operating under UKWA’s recognised Terms & Conditions, providing absolute clarity to all parties regarding ownership, commercial risk and insurance liability.

The storage options offer all the usual benefits of quay-side accessible storage in terms of stock visibility, container accessibility and high levels of security but delivered at a cost effective price point designed to reflect the longer term nature of the required solutions.

With their experience and sector expertise, Bis Henderson consultants will provide intelligent planning and management as part of the overall solution, being a complex multi-user logistics operation of considerable scale that requires visibility, control and subsequently the coordinated and sequential retrieval of inventory.

Find your solution by clicking here: https://www.ukwa.org.uk/market-intel/ukwa-covid-19... or email space@ukwa.org.uk