Automotive e- supply chain software company Wesupply has announced a partnership with management consultancy firm The Consultancy Company, to push its software into the service industry and public sector. Paul Heaven, Wesupply managing director, said: “Partnerships form a very important part of our strategy for growth and we hope that this will be the first of many alliances. We believe that our solution, offered through an ASP (application service provider) model, will be a valuable tool for consultancies wanting to help their clients to address e-fulfilment.” Wesupply, formed two years ago by CEO John Luscombe (founder of SSA Acclaim, now part of SSA GT), has already had considerable success with in the automotive sector. The firm has reference sites at Lear in Belgium and Halewood, TI Bundy in Telford and IMI Norgren at Witton. It’s also now into the food and beverage industry, with a significant roll out happening now at Kegworth-based Cott Beverages. The firm’s software is ideal for closed environment supply chains with deep relationships, and what’s particularly clever is its focus not so much on synchronising inter-company ERP data (as with EDI and so-called ‘web EDI’), but on integrating supply chain users’ relevant business processes. Via a browser, the Wesupply supply chain solution gives users 24/7 access to critical, two-way, real-time supply chain information, like forecast, production, performance and shipping data. It integrates with OEM’s and their suppliers’ existing back office (ERP) systems, or provides CSV files for download from the website into spreadsheets etc. OEM and supplier pay a monthly subscription fee, which includes all on-going support. “We have carried out extensive technical evaluations, including visits to existing Wesupply customers such as Lear Corporation,” commented Jeff Camborne-Paynter, managing director of The Consultancy Company. “As a result, we believe that the Wesupply Chain Solution takes a unique approach to a very important area of the supply chain that is not being addressed elsewhere in the marketplace. “The combination of this powerful product, along with our process management expertise, means that we can offer real business benefits to our clients, whilst also allowing Wesupply to tap into new markets.”