Called Enact, it aims to give manufacturers the power to enact a global transformation of their processes and product quality, and creates a gateway for them to embrace Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The Enact Quality Intelligence platform is a native-cloud product that helps managers and quality professionals easily view critical quality information across all regions and plants while using any computing device – even a mobile phone, the firm said. This visibility helps highlight how processes are running, where problems exist, and where quality resources should be engaged to generate the greatest economic benefit for the organisation.

In addition to providing visibility across all plants, Enact also triggers real-time alarms on the shop floor and identifies opportunities for improvement that reduce costs, increase profitability, improve quality, enhance competitive position, and protect brand equity, it added.

Michael Lyle, president and chief of InfinityQS, said: “Today, access to information is the expectation in every role in manufacturing. But the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming.

“By creating a new way of collecting, analysing, and summarising data, and delivering actionable intelligence, Enact propels businesses to a level of quality knowledge that produces real business results, fast.”

He continued: “There are three fundamental drivers of the factory of the future: upstream and downstream system integration, centralised data from across the enterprise, and powerful analytics that can be used to transform operations. This is exactly what Enact provides.

“Enact rewrites expectations of quality intelligence for manufacturers and helps them see the entire enterprise—information that has never before been available. This insight instigates change and can be used to drive global business transformations, readying the organisation to embrace Industry 4.0, generate sustainable cost savings, and ensure long-term business success.”

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