Atlas Copco launches compressor store website

1 min read

Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new e-commerce website to help small businesses find and buy compressed air solutions online.

TheCompressor is designed to provide an easy and competitive way for small businesses such as garages and workshops to purchase Atlas Copco's 3-7kW GX compressors. Paul Clark, business line manager of Atlas Copco's Industrial Air division, said: "The Compressor Store will give Atlas Copco more visibility at this end of the market, where simple pressure and flow criteria can be met easily and quickly: easy payment options and free delivery will make choosing and ordering Atlas Copco's world leading compressors as simple as buying a book online. The GX range provides clean air to services, tools and pneumatics with low pressure and flow requirements. Thanks to standard start/stop controls GX compressors only consume power when compressed air is needed, ensuring lower energy consumption and higher efficiency than piston compressors. Such features add to Atlas Copco's innovative rotary screw technology, which minimizes vibrations, ensuring quiet operation.