Compressor network controller can cut energy use by 10%, says Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco's new central controller can be connected to up to 16 compressors to retrieve and process information. The result, says the company, is a reliable and efficient network which could cut energy use by, on average, 10%.

Tamas Bakos, product marketing manager in Atlas Copco's oil-free air division, said of the ES 16 controller: "Customers want to continuously reduce their production costs without jeopardising the availability of compressed air... Even the most efficient machines can perform much better with the management of Atlas Copco central controllers." Compressors and dryers can be connected to the ES 16 controller via a CAN network. The device stores all machine and sensor data for up to one week. This allows users to see graphs and trends for analysis, and can also be accessed via the internet. With its optional control feature, the ES 16 controller regulates air net pressure by starting and stopping different size machines and selecting optimal operating points and, in turn, saving energy. For example, lowering air net pressure by 1 bar not only reduces energy consumption by 7% but also air leakages by 13%. Atlas Copco also calculates average energy savings of 10% can be achieved for turbo compressors and compressors fitted with variable speed drives. As an option the ES 16 also enables control of ancillaries in a compressor room such as pumps, valves and vents.