MAKE UK launches National Manufacturing Day 2024

1 min read

Calling all manufacturers to SIGN UP NOW and open their doors on National Manufacturing Day to attract new talent into our vibrant sector.

Hundreds of British manufacturing companies will once again open their doors in a UK-wide Open House on the 26th of September, giving their local communities the chance to see the potential careers and jobs on offer.

For the third year running, schools, colleges, universities and members of the public will be invited on NMD to experience first-hand what manufacturers do, how they create some of our most loved household brands and see some of the most cutting-edge tech used in business anywhere in the world.

Get involved now! All you have to is sign up here Employer Form | NMD 2024, you don’t need to have any details of what you will do on the day, we have loads of ideas for simple activities for schools and how to run a day.

Have a look at Manufacturers Resources | NMD 2024 to get some ideas of how to host schools and colleges. Businesses from aerospace, engineering, defence to food and drink will host a gigantic celebration on National Manufacturing Day (NMD) to showcase their production operations, how their company works and to put on a series of fun events throughout the day. Have a look at some of the exciting events that took place on NMD last year. Gallery 2023 | NMD 2024 

To sign up, all we need is your company name, a simple description of what you do and a contact email – we can help you work out the details of the event in the coming weeks.