Mastering Energy Markets: Efficient Procurement Strategies for the Manufacturing Industry

In an era of fluctuating energy prices and market uncertainties, mastering energy procurement is more crucial than ever for the printing industry. Join us for an informing webinar, a collaboration between the Manufacturing Management and Inenco.

Content Overview:

· Analysis of the current energy market.
· Predictive insights on energy market trends.
· Practical tips for efficient energy procurement.
· Q&A session for personalised advice on energy-related issues.

Delegates will learn:

· Insight into current trends and future forecasts in energy markets.
· Strategies to mitigate the impact of high energy prices.
· Understanding the factors crucial for effective energy trading strategies.
· Other factors to drive down energy costs.

The webinar will feature an interactive Q&A session, where members can directly address their energy-related queries to our presenter. If you would like to pre-send any questions over to to help streamline the Q&A process.

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