MESA manufacturing metrics study gets industry council

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A group of manufacturing leaders has formed an industry council to guide MESA International's and Cambashi's recently launched study aimed at discovering automation metrics for manufacturing excellence.

MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) chairman John Southcott, CEO of Brock Solutions, says that the joint venture's research 'Pursuit of Performance Excellence: Business Success through Effective Plant Operations Metrics' is aimed at all sorts of manufacturers – from continuous process to packaged goods, discrete and hybrid industries. "Most of the obvious losses have already been harvested," comments Trent Sunde, vice president of operations services with The Clorox Company. "Improving our ability to detect, measure and prioritise the next level of loss provides more improvement runway and, done well, helps link daily operations with corporate strategy." In addition to Sunde, new Industry Council members include: Greg Agnew, director, A Schulman; Tony Jenovino, senior project manager IT, Campbell Soup; George Maxson, database analyst, Cormetech; Jian Xu, director global procurement, technology and process optimization, Corn Products International; Alan Wood, maintenance planning supervisor, Longview Power; Steve Kaplan, global MES administrator, Murata Power Solutions; and Jean-Marie Deschamps, global IT leader for manufacturing systems, Owens Corning. "As my company expanded from a single US plant to a global enterprise company, MESA's international footprint has provided a strong platform for learning about methodologies and metrics," comments Murata Power Solutions' Kaplan. "I am on the industry council, because it is at the leading edge of progressive analysis. We at Murata Power Solutions are anxiously awaiting the final results." MESA and Cambashi are seeking survey responses from manufacturers and producers in every country on the planet, across all production industries. As a thank-you for participating, respondents receive the MESA 2010 study summary report Metrics that Matter Revisited, as well as the full findings for this study when it is available.