Metrics makeover challenge launched by MESA International

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MESA International (now known as the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) has kicked off a contest to find two manufacturing companies worth of its 'metrics makeover'.

The lucky winners – one in Europe and one in north America – will be given the opportunity to embark on a complimentary consulting project, focused on one of their most pressing production challenges. Julie Fraser, principal analyst at Cambashi and MESA Metrics working group leader, says that the winners will be able get: a framework for bridging the gap between executive and operational decision-making; and an improved business model that links financial and operational metrics. They will also be recognised by MESA as business and thought leaders in the MESA community. Fraser says that MESA International has assembled two teams of talented individuals to implement the makeover – each with "decades of operations and operations management experience". "Companies live and die with metrics," says Fraser. "We understand how difficult it is to tie operational performance to business performance. So we've developed a one-of-a-kind strategy—the MESA Metrics Framework—to meet that challenge." Fraser makes the point that, typically, business executives are not hugely interested in transaction details or operational issues, but need business performance information. "The reality is, however, that such information needs to do double-duty, serving as the foundation to drive the operational metrics as well," she says. "So the critical issue is how to prepare for tying those two frameworks together—and the Metrics Makeover is an opportunity to do just that." For manufacturers wanting to find out m ore about the MESA group and its approach to production IT, the organisation has now released a White Paper, entitled 'Harnessing the Power of Metrics to Diagnose and Solve Business Problems'.