Laser version of barcode scanner

Baracoda, manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless barcode readers and RFID solutions, has announced the launch of a laser version of its barcode scanner, the ‘RoadRunners’.

The RoadRunners Laser has been designed to meet the needs of today’s logistics environments. This latest addition to the Roadrunners product family integrates new reading technology: laser SE 950 Class 2, which provides increased performance for specific scanning requirements. In addition, it has a rugged trigger that facilitates intensive scanning operations and can support one million cycles. Thanks to its advanced electronics and reinforced protective casing, this high-performance scanner can resist being repeatedly dropped onto concrete from a height of up to two metres. The combination of new technology, high autonomy and robustness makes RoadRunners Laser the ideal barcode scanner for logistics applications, ranging from inventory and WIP management to data capture in warehouses. The new unit has a superior reading capability for efficient scanning of damaged or low quality barcodes. In addition, its Bluetooth Class 1 connection (range up to 100 metres) is ideal in warehouses or other environments requiring a long distance connection. It also has an internal clock for proof of visit and time management needs. It connects easily to any mobile device (PC, Tablet PC, Laptop, mobile phone, etc.) thanks to the Plug & Scan connectivity solution of Baracoda. It is also compatible with a wide range of platforms: Windows, Windows Mobile and CE.Net, Palm, Symbian, RIM (BlackBerry). Once the RoadRunners Laser is connected to a terminal, scanned barcodes are transmitted to it in real time via Bluetooth. When working out of the radio range, the data will be stored within the scanner’s internal memory thanks to its ‘no data loss’ mode. As soon as the user gets back into range, the memorised barcodes will be automatically downloaded. The RoadRunners Laser is available through Baracoda’s distribution network at 629 Euros (approximately £454 according at current exchange rates). Baracoda manufacturers Bluetooth wireless barcode readers and RFID solutions. The company promotes the development of data capture solutions for both mobile (field force automation, asset management) and on-site (inventory management, order preparation) applications in the retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics industries.