Wireless and wearable barcode/RFID scanner

A new scanner has been launched that enables the user to scan barcodes whilst still having use of both hands speeding up processes such as picking, packing, inventory checks and parcel sorting.

Codegate, a provider of mobile enterprise solutions, has launched the QP1000iWS. Combining the power of its Bluetooth wearable Quick Pick scanner and Intermec’s CN3 rugged mobile computer, the lightweight QP1000iWS is claimed by the company to be “the first truly wireless wearable solution” to be launched. It supports 1D, 2D and RFID applications, making it suitable for a range of picking and packing applications that have previously been unable to benefit from wearable scanning. The Quick Pick wearable scanner fits comfortably and easily onto the hand and communicates wirelessly with the Intermec CN3 mobile computer enabling it to be placed on a belt, in a pocket or mounted onto a trolley or cage. Being fully wireless, the QP1000WS offers a far safer solution to the user than other wearable devices as there are no wires to get caught on machinery or racking. Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and with a range of wireless options including 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth, the unit will integrate with existing systems and technologies to provide real time information improving stock control and order tracking. The cost of the QP1000iWS starts from just £1,495 and the company is offering a range of payment options including a fully managed service, finance, leasing or outright purchase.