Ensuring a safe return to work: A new Manufacturing Management Live Panel

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The latest Manufacturing Management Live Panel event is now available to watch.

As the nation wakes up from lockdown and begins opening up again, businesses find themselves facing an unprecedented situation. Many manufacturers, of course, have been operational in some capacity during lockdown, but many others are coming back to work and finding that life on the factory floor isn’t as they left it.

Workplaces are changing, with social distancing and PPE now a requirement for any company that is looking to restart. This has urged manufacturers to have a rethink of the way their shopfloors operate to meet ever-changing regulations and guidance. Keeping workers safe is always a primary consideration for manufacturers – as it is with all businesses – but now there’s an added element to pay attention to.

The Government has issued a set of guidelines to ensure safe working, but many business owners and managers are concerned about how these should be met and the measures they need to put in place to comply and to fully protect their people.

Joining MM editor Chris Beck to look at how to ensure a safe return to work are Anne Hayes, director of sectors at BSI, Bryan Lawrie, head of sales and marketing at Arco, and Chris Newson, HSS head of learning at Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation.

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