MESA and Cambashi partner for manufacturing excellence study

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MESA International (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) and its research partner Cambashi are inviting manufacturers to respond to an industry survey that seeks to correlate manufacturing excellence.

Dubbed 'Pursuit of Performance Excellence: Business Success through Effective Plant Operations Metrics', the study will review operations at companies in every country in the world, and across all production types – discrete, batch, continuous process and mixed mode – in a spread of industry segments. This survey is being run on-line from now until 14 November 14 at , with sponsorship from Rockwell Automation, SAP, Solarsoft Business Systems and Tata Consultancy Services, as well as Camstar as a premium sponsor for semiconductor and medical device industry verticals. MESA chairman John Southcott, CEO of Brock Solutions, says that responses will be held in confidence, with contact information used only to verify that material submitted is from a manufacturer or producer company representative. And he states that every verified respondent will receive a copy of the report – otherwise only available only to MESA Premium members and study sponsors – due out in early 2012. As with previous MESA Metrics studies, this one asks about improvements to specific operations and business metrics, plus software applications used, and the timeliness and structure of metrics practices. The study also focuses on what the companies that improved their business performance most are doing differently, compared to others – with preliminary findings released at the MESA European Conference, themed 'Cloudy with a Chance for Profits', from 9—10 November in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "This study will probe for best practices and consider new angles on how to ensure that plant improvement programs are focused to result in business and financial gains for the company," states Brock.