MESA publishes second manufacturing execution guide

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MESA (the so-called Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) has published its second revised edition of the Metrics Guidebook and Framework.

Project team leader and editor John Jackiw, of Alta Via Consulting, says that readers will notice extensive updates and additions aimed at enhancing their systems' ability to make systematic operations and business performance improvements. He explains that the guidebook is intended to help manufacturers improve performance by enabling better business decisions by aligning everything from operations to financials. "In this challenging market, every manufacturer and producer must improve performance regularly or be left behind," insists Jackiw. "The new edition of the Metrics Guidebook and Framework is designed to educate the major stakeholders on how to achieve that. The team worked hard to incorporate the latest best practices and make sure readers have a clear path to take action," he adds. Examples of useful content include: an overview of actionable versus reportable metrics; environmental reference metrics; more in depth discussion of root causes of business and operational problems; and a brief introduction into resource consumption accounting (RCA) – an approach that helps quantify operations performance in financial terms.