Speeding up picking

A cordless, wearable, combined barcode and RFID scanner has been launched, aimed at speeding up picking, packing and scanning in a warehouse or on the shopfloor.

Codegate, a specialist in providing mobile enterprise solutions to enable workforce automation, has announced its Bluetooth QP1000 Quick Pick Scanner. It offers 1D or 2D barcode scanning and RFID in a single wearable device. The QP1000 combines the very latest Bluetooth, barcode and RFID technologies to create a device to optimise picking, packing and scanning for materials handling, warehousing and logistics operations. Users can truly wave goodbye to multiple hand held devices, and cumbersome or dangerous cables. The dual technology QP1000 comes with a choice of either a 1D laser scanner or 2D imager for reading barcodes, combined with an RFID decoder/encoder to read and write ISO15693 smart label transponders. With Integrated Bluetooth, users can wirelessly connect the QP1000 to any Bluetooth PDA to create a fully hands free solution, using the optional leather arm caddy. The QP1000 fits perfectly onto the hand with an adjustable strap, and weighing only 128g it can be comfortably worn and used constantly throughout the working day. It has a high capacity battery that delivers up to 30 hours from a single charge, and tri-fold LED, buzzer and vibrator good read indicators, making it ideal for noisy or poorly lit environments. It is compatible with Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows XP, and comes with simple SmartWedge software for data entry, ensuring the QP1000 will seamlessly integrate with all current technologies. Terran Churcher, managing director of Codegate, says: “The QP1000 Quick Pick Scanner is an evolutionary leap in scanning technology that is set to change the way workers function. It offers the ultimate mobility and flexibility for picking and packing operations, and has the potential to bring significant speed and efficiency gains to businesses. We leapt at the opportunity to bring this product to market and there has been significant interest in the product already.”